Monday, 5 May 2008

Joy on the Path: A Buddhist/Christian Retreat

Dates: Nov 28th-Dec 1st
Venue: The Abbey Sutton Courtenay
Led by: Ajahn Candasiri and Elizabeth West

It is a long time since Sr Candasiri and Elizabeth West have done a retreat together, but those who have attended them are still on the mailing list. It was from these retreats that the Network was born. The Retreat will consist of talks, sharing and plenty of meditation and walking.

Further details are available on the events page.

Dissolving Boundaries - The Annual BCVN Meeting

Details are now available on the events page for the Buddhist Christian Vedanta Network annual meeting on October 17th-19th. This weekend is really a time for members of the Network and any friends who may be interested to come together to share and reflect on their own personal lives and journeys. In previous years people have found these days rich and inspiring, with plenty of time for building friendship, but also time for meditating together and for those who wish participating in the Eucharist on Sunday morning at the Priory.